The Company

Claro Provides Special Training

Claro Training was established in 2003 to provide high quality training for people making use of educational and assistive software—whether at home, in universities or in the workplace.

We usually train people on their own computers, in the very place they are going to use the software. As you can see from our mission statement, we focus not only on what a client needs to learn, but on what they can already do, helping each individual use their existing experience to extend their expertise.

Where a client is sure that she or he is an absolute beginner in the field, we start slowly and simply—but often find that the individual has strengths and understandings which they have not been taking into account.


Claro is Here

Claro Training Ltd is based in Tavistock, in the South-West of England.

It provides training nationally—in places as far apart as Falmouth, London, Brighton and Aberdeen.

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