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Customising Text Pages

Change Their Look to Suit You

Here you can change the appearance of all the pages in the text version of the Claro Training site (including this one) so that you personally find them easier to read.

What You Can Change

You can change the screen colour, the typeface, the size and colour of the text, the space between lines and the space between letters.

You can change just the ones you want, in any order—and you don't have to change any of them.

Most importantly: you can experiment! Pick one, then another. Go back to the first one…

Please note: we have restricted some choices, so that the whole page doesn't disappear! And in the typeface choice, some options may not work—because you don't have that particular typeface installed on your computer.

Choose a background colour:

Choose a typeface:

Choose a size for the text: smaller average bigger very big

Choose a colour for the text:

Choose a line spacing: single one and a half double

Choose a letter spacing: normal wider

Or you can restore all the default settings: restore all

Your Choice Now

Return to the page you came from (but see next section).

Return to the text version home page.

It's not Working!

On some browsers, if you go back to a page you've already visited, you see the old page, because they have cached it. Try pressing the 'Refresh' or 'Reload' button.

However, if your changes don't show up on any Claro text version pages except this one, you may like to know why you can't make them stick.

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