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Michael Scannell—a personal site

There are apparently a few thousand Michael Scannells on the planet. This site is the work of the writer and Web developer Michael Scannell, who lives in Calpe, on the Costa Blanca. (If you're still not sure if I'm the right one, have a look at a photo.)

What is here so far:

You can also look at my site map. If you're looking for my blog, it's a Costa Blanca Web hosting blog, so it's on the Web Costa Blanca site. My most recent post comments on 2 responsive Web sites that I have recently designed.

. The site has a kind of shape, but it's still missing things I'd like people to find here—and some older pages have design flaws that now embarrass me.

Please note: I believe that a site should have a consistent look and feel, and this is something I aim for when designing sites for other people.

Here, however, I have allowed myself more leeway—both to show off my wares, and for the fun of experimenting. (The metaphor for this page is obvious: it fades into the blue…)

It goes without saying that the site may end up as little more than an ego trip.

But I hope you personally find something worth stopping for.