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My first novel, A Disurbance of Memory, published in 2021

Michael Scannell—a personal site

There are apparently a few thousand Michael Scannells on the planet. This site is the work of the writer, songwriter and Web designer/developer Michael Scannell, who lives in Calpe, on the Costa Blanca. (If you're still not sure if I'm the right one, have a look at a photo.)

What is here so far:

You can also look at my site map.

. I have at long last updated my “Web Solutions” section. Otherwise, I have been too busy with Web work to update this website for many years. Apart from the Web section, it all looks outdated on mobile devices.

Please note: I believe that a site should have a consistent look and feel, and this is something I aim for when designing sites for other people.

Here, however, I allowed myself more leeway—both to show off my wares, and for the fun of experimenting. (The metaphor for this page is obvious: it fades into the blue…)

It goes without saying that the site may continue to come across as little more than an ego trip.

But I hope you personally find something worth stopping for.