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If you are interested in commissioning an article, please .


Of the four novels you can begin reading, only A Disturbance of Memory is finished, and ready for publication. (Two of the others are well past the first chapter, but none of the three is anywhere near ready for publication.)

The Novels

If you want to read the rest of A Disturbance of Memory, please , and, for a small fee, I will send you the whole novel on a CD. (You will need to pay me through PayPal.)

If you want to read the rest of one of the other novels, to say what you like about the first chapter. You may inspire me to do the final work on it—and I will certainly send you a free copy.


It goes without saying that I have copyright in what I have written. You are welcome to download stuff and make printed copies, but you can't sell it to anyone else—and I'd prefer you to refer them to this site rather than make copies for friends.

Stuff to read

booksMost pages on this site can be taken in at a glance. In this section I've gathered some of my writings, which may take you a little longer. They can all be read online. Simply click on a title which interests you.


boxesTo read an article, simply click on its title. To read it off line, first click on the title (in the same way). Then, on the page you are taken to, you will find an option to download the article in Microsoft Word format.

First Chapters

doorknobTo read the first chapter of one of my novels, click on its title.

The chapters are in .PDF format. To read one of them off line, right click on its title (on a Mac, Control + click), then choose ‘Save target as…’ from the context menu.


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